The Great Ocean

Come out of your banks and see the great ocean. – Chang Tzu

Last Friday, I thought the great ocean was lapping into my CUBE. It was actually the sea!

The Caribbean!

It washed in on the crest of a song gifted to me by my sister. She’s a flight attendant at Southwest, who also has a pilot’s license. Intrepid!

On a layover in Puerto Rico was where she first heard the song. She sent me the YouTube link because she loved it and knew I would too.

It’s called Calma by Pedro Capo (with an accent on the O) and Farruko. It is laid back, tropical and sultry.

If you know Spanish, add three stars! But it is not necessary to be bilingual. Pure joy needs no interpretation.

There’s even a double entendre snuck in between the lines for those in the know, which might make you blush (medalla).

Yesterday, I looped the song again in my Airpods all afternoon long. It lifted me out of what could have been a very serious funk.

Music will do that for you, but sometimes I forget that.

Later on, I had a conversacion (accent on the O) with a coworker, another disgruntled employee like the rest of us, who supervises the mailroom.

We spoke about Puerto Rico, his nationality, and where I had spent a month at age 15 studying with my Spanish class.

I brushed up on my Spanish conversing with him (he awarded me an A+) and got to know him a little better.

I mentioned the song, Calma. He kind of heard of it, he said, but wasn’t exactly sure.

I returned to my desk and I sent him the YouTube link. When I ran into him that afternoon, he had already listened to the song. It made him feel so happy, he said, as if he had taken a mini vacation. I could see it in his face.

Lento y contento, cara al viento…

I knew my CUBE neighbor had a Puerto Rican boyfriend. So I also sent her the link. Maybe they would enjoy a day at the beach over the weekend without leaving home.

Always the romantic. Me. A curse and a blessing.

Vamos a la playa…

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